Banana D.I. – active D.I.-Box

Banana D.I. had been developed to pack all the necessary tools you expect from a professional direct injection box in a unique, smart cocktail of convenience, toughness and audio performance.

Maintaining the highest possible audio signal integrity through each and every stage of your gain structure. No weak links, no level drops, frequency attenuation, radioelectrical interference or impedance mismatch are acceptable for your live performance or studio setup.

No more loud “pops, hums, hisses or clicks”, no more running back and forth from Stage to FOH in a desperate search for the source of such problems. Record critical tracks live or in the studio with total confidence.

Mixing / Recording100%
DJ Monitoring80%
Multimedia / Gaming90%

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 175x60x140mm / 6,89x2,36x5,51in
Power: 48V phantom power
Case Construction: 1.4 mm steel, black coated corners
Frequency response: 25 Hz - 21 kHz (0 dB / -3 dB)
Max. input level: + 11 dBu without attenuation, +26 dBu with att.
Max. output level: + 11 dBu
S/N ratio, input connected: - 66 dBu
Input impedance: 1,6 M-Ohm in 0 dB pos., 27 k-Ohm in -15 dB pos.
Attenuation "Mute" activated: - 42dBu
Input connector: Neutrik TRS
Output connector: Neutrik TRS
Neutrik XLR
Weight: 0,830kg / 1,83lb


I bought my Monkey Banana Loudspeakers in a country with 230V/50Hz mains power. Can I also operate them with 220V/50Hz?

In principal, the loudspeakers can be used in the voltage range specified +/-10 % without any problems. Some models have a switch on the back to switch between 110V/60Hz und 230V/50Hz input voltage. Please make sure that the switch for selecting the voltage is set correctly!


I would like to operate my Monkey Banana monitors with a notebook. Which cable do I need?

In most cases, a high-quality y-cable from 3.5-mm-cinch to 2 x 6.3-mm-cinch is sufficient. It is also possible to operate the loudspeakers over a USB-Interface.

Please note: some notebook power supplies cause interference affecting audio-output. If whistle or hum is audible, please unplug the power supply.

Unpleasant background noise can be supressed by using high-quality audio-cables. If this also doesn’t help, the audio-signal has to be galvanically separated. Suitable transformers are available from specialised retailers.



What is the ideal set-up for my Monkey Banana loudspeakers?

The ideal distance to your ear is 1.5 m, whereby the loudspeakers should form an equal sided triangle to the monitoring position. The area between the tweeter and the woofer should be at ear height.

It is also important not to place the loudspeakers too near to the wall, as the bass reflex horn is at the back. The distance for optimal functionality is 20 cm.

Furthermore, the room should be optimised acoustically, to eliminate reflections and standing waves.

To de-couple from the surface, we recommend the use of a high-quality absorber. We offer the Monkey Base, which is suitable for our loudspeakers and provides optimal de-coupling.


One of my loudspeakers is silent, what now?

Please switch the right and the left loudspeaker, leaving the cables in the original position. Through this, you can eliminate the possibility of the fault being caused by the signal source or mains socket. If the fault “wanders” with the loudspeaker, it is technically defect. In this case, please contact your retailer or the Monkey Banana team, we will help promptly!


I have to return a loudspeaker because of a technical defect, what do I have to observe?

The loudspeaker must be well packed (ideally in the original packaging) so that it is not damaged during transport.

Please include a return address, a copy of the bill and a short description of the fault, this is crucial for us to be able to handle the issue promptly!